Curriculum Vitae - Eva Bonsak Thorstad

Personal data

Name: Eva Bonsak Thorstad
Telephone: +47 91 66 11 30


Researcher II

Academic degree

PhD Adjunct professor at the University of Tromsø



Knowledge area

Ecology and behaviour of fish in freshwater and marine systems. Effects of human impacts.

Key qualifications

  • Planning, designing, leading and carrying out fish research projects in freshwater and marine ecosystems. Consultancy work for management authorities, power companies etc.
  • Main subjects: fish ecology, biological effects of hydropower development and other human impacts, fish behaviour and habitat use, predator-prey interactions, catch-and-release angling, effects of salmon farm escapees, salmonid production and biology, European eel ecology and migrations, introduced species with emphasis on European minnow, exploitation and management of fish resources, telemetry methods, fish tagging, fish swimming and leaping capacity, fish migration in rivers, fjord systems and coastal areas in relation to water quality / water discharge / water temperature / migration barriers.
  • Broad experience with different telemetry methods: Radio telemetry, acoustic telemetry, physiological telemetry (EMG), coded transmitters, activity transmitters, depth and salinity transmitters, conventional transmitters, manual tracking, one-antenna and multiple antenna data logging systems, different tagging methods.

Worked in

Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Malawi, Namibia, Norway, Russia and South Africa