Employee info

Odd Terje Sandlund

Position:    Senior Research Scientist

 Telephone: 926 06 683
 E-mail: odd.sandlund@nina.no
 Department:Aquatic biodiversity

Knowledge areas

Watershed management, freshwater fish ecology, biodiversity, natural resources management, multidislpinary research

Key qualifications

Major research experience: aquatic ecology, freshwater ecosystems (lakes and rivers), ecology of freshwater fishes, and exploitation of fish populations. Cross-disciplinary research (natural and social sciences) related to natural resources management and watershed management. Strategic and institutional development on conservation biology and biodiversity-related research, including development of cross-sectoral research collaboration. Development of multidisciplinary graduate university course on biodiversity. Participation in the national and international follow-up process to the Convention on Biological Diversity. Many years of experience advising national, regional and local authorities and private organisations regarding management of freshwater fish resources. Experience from developing countries includes research collaboration, environmental impact assessments, feasibility studies on fisheries, advice and evaluation of projects regarding natural resource management, assessment of environmental status, and programme strategies for environmental support.


Curriculum Vitae:
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