Erica Von Essen

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 Telefon: +47 413 91 507
 Arbeidssted:  Oslo


Erica von Essen is a researcher who conducts non-disciplinary research on human-animal relations. Erica looks at the full scope of human-wildlife interactions in contemporary society, including animal tourism, conflicts, killing, ethics, wildlife management, rewilding, hunting, zoonosis diseases and more issues as these arise.

Erica has a background at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences where she taught and researched Environmental Communication. Now she is published across a wide range of disciplinary communities such as Rural Sociology, Criminology, Environmental Ethics and Communication Studies. She is a reviewer for more than 20 peer-reviewed journals. Her popular scientific publications can also be found in hunting magazines.

Among her theoretical frameworks are relational care ethics and various theories of resistance (civil, disruptive, everyday, systemic) as pertains to the environment.

Her current research looks at changing hunting ethics in the Nordic countries, wild boar futures in Europe and biosecuritization.


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