NINA Lillehammer 

We use multidisciplinary approaches to explore human interactions with their natural environment, and how to best address the relevant managerial challenges. 

Our strength lies in our disciplinary expertise and cooperation with local stakeholder groups including individual users, communities, managers, policymakers, businesses and industry.

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Research areas:

  • Developing effective measures and tools in nature management
  • Value creation based on nature and natural resources
  • Investigating the dynamics of and interactions within socio ecological systems


We who work in NINA Lillehammer

Meet our research director

Jon Museth is the research director of NINA’s department in Lillehammer. Hear him talk about the departments’ research.




Research Director: Jon Museth

Fakkelgården, NO-2624 Lillehammer, Norway

Phone: +47 73 80 14 00
Telefax: +47 73 80 14 01