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NINA in Norway

NINAs head office is located in Trondheim, with additional offices established in Oslo, Lillehammer and Tromsø.

The institute is organised in research departments. Trondheim has to reseach departments, while Lillehammer, Oslo and Tromsø has one each:

  • Arctic Ecology Department (Tromsø)
  • Terrestrial Ecology Department (Trondheim)
  • Aquatic Ecology Department (Trondheim)
  • Human Dimension Department (Lillehammer)
  • Landscape Ecology Department (Oslo)
  • NINA Bergen

NINA also owns and runs research stations for fish at Ims and Talvik, and a breeding farm for arctic fox at Oppdal.

About NINA

The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) is Norway’s leading institution for applied ecological research.

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