The NINA-house

The NINA-house

NINAs headoffice in Trondheim is a green researchbuilding, centrally located at Campus NTNU Gløshaugen. 

NINAs hovedkontor, NINA-huset, ligger i Trondheim. Foto © Sindre Karlsen/Pir II ASNINAs head office in Trondheim. Photo © Sindre Karlsen/Pir II AS

Architect: Pir II
Main contractor: HENT
Projectleader: Leif Lande, Rambøll
Built: 2011-2013
Area:8000 kvm

The NINA-house won the prestigious “Wood in Architecture 2013” award.

The NINA-house is NINA’s head office. It is a green research building centrally located at Campus NTNU Gløshaugen. It houses offices, office landscapes, laboratories and a meeting center. The house is built of wood, and has a signature style. The building stands on foundations formed to resemble a glacier, with a crevasse extending transversely through the lower ground floor/bottom floor. The NINA-house is a house for modern applied sience. 

The NINA-house is hospitable, with many offices and workplaces for guests. The location is in close proximity to the knowledge based environment and research partners at NTNU.

The amphitheatre is a gathering place for informal meetings and longer seminars. The NINA house is a flexible building, with varied solutions adapted to NINA’s different types of work. The slim building gives light from all directions and a good working environment. 

The east side of the building is clean, simple and adapted to the row of individual offices. The west side is more playful, with winding balustrades and an open plan office.

The NINA-house is also nature in pictures. Photos from NINA’s own work decorate the glass surfaces as part of the interior.

The building is a passive house. Low maintenance materials, that grow even more beautiful with time, have been chosen. The distinctive architecture ensures a good indoor climate, daylight and heat regulation. 

A good canteen means more than just satisfying hunger. In the NINAhouse canteen our hospitable chefs offer local, healthy and varied
food, gourmet coffee and, always, freshly baked bread. The canteen has become a natural gathering place for everyone in the house.

The NINA-house is a building we are proud of!