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Jane Uhd Jepsen

Ecologist with expertise in northern populations and ecosystems, in particular plant-herbivore interactions in sub-arctic birch forests and the forest-tundra ecotone. Among my main interests are studies of the spatio-temporal dynamics of outbreaking geometrid moth species, and the effects of insect outbreaks on forest ecosystems. I am an experienced used of GIS and remote sensing in population and landscape studies.

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Audun Stien

Ecologist interested in understanding the effect of climate and intra- and intersprcific interactions on demographic processes, population dynamics and biodiversity in natural systems. Numerate, with a strong background in the application of modern statistical methods in the analysis of complex data. Expertise in the use of statistical methods in combination with deterministic and stochastic mathematical models to understand ecological phenomena. Experienced with the planning and successful accomplishment of ecological research in arctic ecosystem.
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Roald Vang

  • Databases (SQL Server, PostgreSQL, ORACLE, MS Access)
  • Web development (ASP.NET, jQuery, HTML5, DNN, Web services, m.m.) 
  • IIS
  • Bioinformatics/Research infrastructure
  • IT management

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Matteo De Stefano

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Francesco Frassinelli

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