Research topic

Species determination

Karl-Otto Jacobsen

Impact assessments and risk analysis for the petroleum industry, road projects, wind turbines, other installations. Seabird monitoring and surveys. Monitoring and mapping of terrestrial birds. Birds of prey and owls Biological diversity surveys Nature and wildlife management
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Jarle Werner Bjerke

  • Research on climate effects, especially related to climate change and extreme weather events in boreal and Arctic areas;
  • Experimental studies for providing baselines for modeling og on-going and future ecosystem change due to climate change;
  • Grazing ecology, especially related to effects of reindeer and goose;
  • Anthropogenic effects, especially changes in land use (e.g. afforestation, industry, reduced outfield grazing) and air pollution, plus indirect effects via climate change, as listed above;
  • Evaluations of biological diversity
  • Taxonomy and systematics, especially on some lichen genera
  • Impact assessments prior to planned land use changes.



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Magni Olsen Kyrkjeeide

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Sandra Charlotte Helene Åström

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Jenni Nordén

Community ecology, spatial ecology, fungal ecology, dispersal ecology, population dynamics, species interactions, species traits, environmental DNA, decomposer fungi, conservation biology, forest ecology

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Thomas Correll Jensen

Freshwater ecology, zooplankton, growth and respiration of zooplankton
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Mari Jokerud

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Kristine Bakke Westergaard

Arktisk-alpin og boreal botanikk, biosystematikk, plantegeografi, bevaringsgenetikk, genomikk, landskapsgenetikk, vegetasjonsøkologi, floristikk.

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Markus A.K. Sydenham

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Per Arild Aarrestad

Plant ecology. Vegetation dynamics. Biological diversity. Endangered species. Vegetation monitoring. Effects of air pollution and climate change. Terrestrial liming. Environmental Impact Assessment. Conservation. Soil analysis. Cultural landscape and management. Studies on interactions between vegetation, fire and browsing/grazing of animals. Multivariate data analysis in plant communities and biogeography.
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Terje Bongard

Human behavioral ecology and ethology, freshwater ecology, entomology
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Gunnbjørn Bremset

- Riverine production of anadromous salmonids

- Competition and habitat use of juvenile salmonids

- Negative impacts on fish communities

- Mitigation measures for freshwater fish

- Gyrodactylus salaris - effects and mitigation measures

- Direct observations of riverine fish

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Ola Ugedal

Aquatic radioecology, population ecology, life history, ecological modelling, fisheries management.
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Morten Andre Bergan

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Jan Ove Gjershaug

Biodiversity, systematics, biogeography, ecology and conservation biology Birds, mammals and social insects (ants and bumble bees)
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Anders Endrestøl

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Björn Nordén

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Egil Bendiksen

Botanikk, mykologi, skogøkologi, miljøgradienter i skog, arts-og arealforvaltning, truete og sårbare arter.
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Bjørn Walseng

Senior Technician Field of work: Freshwater ecology, freshwater invertebrates (especially crustaceans), biodiversity, conservation plans, pollution ecology, environmental monitoring, enviromental impact assessments.
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Odd Egil Stabbetorp

Research Ecologist Field of work: Vegetation ecology, botany, population ecology, population genetics, conservation biology, species and area management, agricultural landscapes, environmental impact assessments, landscape analysis, geographic information systems (GIS).
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Anders Often

Botany, conservation biology, species and area management, vascular plants, agricultural landscapes.
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Tor Erik Brandrud

Mycology (Taxonomy and Ecology of Mycorrhizal Fungi), Ecology of Aquatic macrophytes (Higer Plants and Mosses, including Aquatic Weeds; Effect Studies and Management), Vegetation ecology, Acidification Research, Nature conservancy and management (freshwater and terrestrial anvironments), Biodiversity
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Inta Dimante-Deimantovica

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