Research topic

Population estimation

Vebjørn Veiberg

  • Population ecology of cervids (especially red deer and Svalbard reindeer), particularly in relation to management topics.
  • Ungulate population monitoring.
  • Investigation of ungulate life-history strategies in relation to tooth wear.
  • Ecological consequences of climate change
  • Wildlife responses to human disturbance

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Torbjørn Forseth

Salmonid ecology and management (leader of Scientific Advisory Committee for Atlantic Salmon Management in Norway), regulated rivers, life history, evolutionary biology (thermal adaptation, character displacement) and functional biodiversity, bioenergetics, climate change, environmental pollution (radioactivity, acid rain), and research administration (two years as Research Director, two years as Assisting Research Director and one year as Research Coordinator)
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Erlend Birkeland Nilsen

• Population dynamics • Demography • Life history theory • Trophic interactions • Predation • Harvesting • Ungulates • Carnivores • Small game • Small rodents • Statistical modeling
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Henrik Brøseth

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Erling Johan Solberg

Major research experience includes: Research in population ecology of cervids (moose, roe deer, red deer and reindeer), particularly related to management topics. Research in population dynamics of fragmented populations of house sparrows, in relation to current conservation biological problems.
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Peder Fiske

Behavioural Ecology, Sexual selection, Statistical analysis
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Ola Håvard Diserud

Applied statistical modelling, multivariate analysis, interactions between aquaculture and wild salmonids, biodiversity, population and community dynamics.

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Olav Skarpaas

Ecology, biodiversiy, population dynamics, demography, dispersal, demography, spatial ecology, conservation biology, biostatics, modeling
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Christer Moe Rolandsen

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John Odden

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Ole-Gunnar Støen

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