Climate effect research


Climate effect research is a priority topic across NINA’s scientific disciplines and strategic initiatives. Knowledge of climate change impacts on nature and its resources is fundamental to our work on future-oriented and comprehensive environmental solutions.

Kunnskap om klimaendringenes effekt på natur og ressursgrunnlag er sentral i arbeidet med fremtidsretta og helhetlige miljøløsninger. Foto © Annika Hofgaard/NINAKnowledge of climate change impacts on nature and its resource base is central to the work on future-oriented and comprehensive environmental solutions. Photo © Annika Hofgaard/NINA

The effect of climate on ecological processes has been a traditional theme within environmental research, and so also within NINA. Because expectations for significant climate change over the coming decades, especially in northern regions, this has become one of NINA’s core subject areas.

NINA’s researchers study the effects of climate variability and change on a range of species, populations, and ecosystems in aquatic and terrestrial environments in Norway and other northern regions, as well as in other parts of the world. Topics in focus are for example effects of ice-melting on fish populations; interactions between snow, plants and herbivores; the importance of changed winter and summer climates for plants, animals and entire ecosystems; changes in the distribution of plant and animal species; consequences of sub-arctic/alpine forest relocation; phenological development; changes of production and growth pattern by individual species and populations; and interactions between climate change and land use change.

NINA’s climate effect research is based on broad national and international collaboration both within individual disciplines and between natural- and social science disciplines.