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Centuries-old mystery solved

Publisert 05.10.2016

International researchers track eels further and longer in their journey to the Sargasso Sea

Photo: Ingo Eichelberger.
Photo: Ingo Eichelberger.

The team, led by Cefas’ Dr David Righton, under the auspices of the ‘eeliad’ project, tagged more than 700 eels at their autumn departure from European rivers, and tracked them as they journeyed to spawning areas in the Sargasso Sea.  Over 200 tags were recovered, allowing the scientists to map more than 5000km of the migration route from Europe to the Sargasso Sea. 

Press-release at Cefas website

Righton et. al. 2016. Empirical observations of the spawning migration of Europeean eels: The long and dangerous road to the Sargasso Sea. Sci. Adv. 2016; 2: e1501694


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