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Animals take climate action

Migratory animals are actively adjusting their traditions to climate change.
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A ray of hope for the golden deer of Myanmar

Developing state-of-the-art statistical tools that combine different sources of data has allowed researchers from Norway and Myanmar to make robust estimates of population size for an often-overlooked population of one of the world’s most threatened deer species. The r...
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Have you checked your baggage for alien species?

Are you travelling to the Arctic? Seeds, insects and parasites can travel with you as stowaways without your knowledge. A new short film explains how you can avoid bringing unwanted species that can threaten the vulnerable Arctic environment.  
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China and India dominate in greening the Earth

A new study reports China’s planting of trees and India’s intensive crop cultivation as the main reasons why the Earth is greening throwing doubt on the role of carbon dioxide fertilization, which climate change skeptics have touted as the beneficial effects of otherwi...
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First estimates of body mass change between the breeding and wintering stage in Atlantic Puffins.

By measuring body mass and wing length of adult Atlantic Puffins on their breeding grounds and in their wintering areas near the Faroe Islands, researchers have now estimated the seasonal changes in body mass for two populations breeding in Norway and Scotland.
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Long-term side-effects of abdominal implants in brown bears

A recent study from the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project has shown serious side effects from radio transmitters implanted into the abdominal cavity of brown bears.
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Environmental benefits of leaving offshore infrastructure in the ocean

More than 7500 oil and gas platforms and wind turbines will become obsolete in the next few decades. Full removal may not be the best plan after all, according to new survey of international experts.
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Standardization and facilitation of seabird data for use in impact and environmental risk assessments

A new NINA-report gives recommendation on how seabird data should best be used in impact and environmental risk assessments.
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NINA Annual Report 2017

NINA’s key statistics and activities throughout 2017. 
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Flexibility in the foraging behaviour of the kittiwake may buffer the effect of marine environmental changes

Recent Norwegian research shows that the black-legged kittiwake is surprisingly flexible when it comes to finding food for itself and its chicks. The ability to adapt makes this small gull robust to changes in the marine environment – that is, if it has access to suita...
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Impacts of salmon lice on wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout

New report concludes: Considerable evidence exists that there is a link between farm-intensive areas and the spread of salmon lice to wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout. 
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Puffin migration patterns suggest that competition and food availability in winter affect breeding success

A brand-new research article in the renowned journal Current Biology shows how different wintering strategies among Atlantic puffins from colonies spread across the species’ range influence their reproductive performance the following breeding season. Colony size, migr...
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A warmer ocean lowers kittiwake egg production

During egg-laying and chick-feeding seabirds rely on a ready access to food resources, and the size and numbers of eggs laid depend on the availability of nutrient-rich prey. Data modelling shows that an influx of warm water masses from the Atlantic into the Barents Se...
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The wild ass returns

For the first time in more than a century kulan – or Asiatic wild ass – are now roaming the central steppes of Kazakhstan.
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Did you catch pink salmon this summer?

Researchers are registering the distribution of pink salmon ( Oncorhynchus gorbuscha ) in Norway and have already received record high number of reports about this Pacific salmon.
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«Wolf Conflicts» is now out in English

Berghahn Books has published the book “Wolf conflicts: A Sociological Study”. You may order it now!
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Kulan reintroduction to the Steppe of Central Kazakhstan

A step towards restoring the full faunal assemblage of the Eurasian steppe within the frames of the Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative. 
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Centuries-old mystery solved

International researchers track eels further and longer in their journey to the Sargasso Sea
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Exploring ways to "Coexist with wildlife"

Although protected areas such as national parks can play a crucial role in conserving wildlife, most species of large carnivores and large herbivores also depend on being able to occupy human-dominated landscapes. This sharing of space is often associated with conflict...
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