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Focus issue Environmental Research Letter

This focus issue will address recent changes in phenology, biomass and productivity and the mechanisms and drivers that control such changes, along with the consequences for local, regional and global scale processes. This includes impacts on vegetation, ecosystems and effects on human communities that are dependent on the resources in Arctic and Boreal regions. Examples of research topics the focus issue will address include:

  • Changes in the physical environment over high latitude regions and associated ecological changes in Arctic/Boreal vegetation, including vegetation-mediated responses and climate feedbacks.
  • Changes in phenology of vegetation (longer growth season) and in vegetation biomass and productivity responses to recent climate warming.
  • Actual and potential biomass change influenced by (local) climate, natural disturbances, human impacts (e.g. resource extraction) and impacts on humans (e.g. reindeer herders).
  • Transformation of open tundra vegetation to a more shrub dominated landscape, due to warming and other processes, influencing local and global climate, albedo and climate feedback mechanisms.
  • Integration of in situ observations and manipulation experiments with remote sensing and other data sources to advance methodological approaches for measuring and monitoring.


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