Photo: Odd Terje Sandlund


NINA conducts research on insects and arachnids. We survey and monitor insects in general, along with Red List species, alien species and pollinators. 

Insects constitute a very species-rich and varied group of animals. More than one million insect species have been described worldwide. Approximately 17,000 species have been recorded in Norway, and we are constantly discovering new species.

Insects play a vital role in most of the planet’s ecosystems. They break down plant material so that the nutrients can be reused, and are food for other animals and birds. In addition, insects perform key services such as pollinating plants and controlling pests.

The consequences of losing many insect species are difficult to predict, but are potentially catastrophic. Therefore, it is important for us to have overview of the current state of affairs for insects, such as what species actually live in Norway and where. Due to the great variation in species quantity, occurrence and numbers, identifying, mapping and monitoring them is quite demanding. Like most other countries, Norway has little basic knowledge about these factors.

NINA is developing and improving methods to increase our knowledge of Norway’s insects and what measures can be taken to improve their situation. We are also studying invasive alien insects, and measures that can be taken to limit the spread of alien insect species.

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

NINA is an independent foundation for nature research and research on the interaction between human society, natural resources and biodiversity.
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