A national centre of knowledge for DNA-based monitoring

Genetic analyses is becoming an important part of modern nature monitoring. NINA Centre for Biodiversity Genetics is a major provider of genetic data to Norwegian management and industry.

NINAGEN consists of geneticists and researchers who, together with a team of experienced lab engineers, and NINA’s many ecologists and species experts, form a unique knowledge and research environment. The professional research group covers a broad portfolio of various genetic analyses and nature management questions. In a research field that is constantly changing with new technological advances, the Centre for Biodiversity Genetics will ensure that new knowledge and new methods are rigorously evaluated and effectively implemented in Norwegian nature management.

NINAGEN works across all ecosystems with both terrestrial, limnic and marine projects, and across organismal groups from insects and plants to birds and carnivores. Among other things, the centre provides important data for estimating genetic integrity in salmonids, calculating population sizes for large carnivores, and analyses of biodiversity using environmental DNA.

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