Consensus-based Siting


ConSite is a tool that combines GIS and dialog with stakeholders in order to ensure optimal siting of infrastructure such as power lines, wind-power plants or fish farms.  

Important facets of the Centre for Environmental Design of Renewable Energy (CEDREN) are to provide the energy and environmental sectors solution‐oriented and innovative tools to aid in planning and management for the development of environmental‐friendly renewable energy.

The main objectives of the ConSite project are to:

1) refine the ConSite Powerlines toolbox 2.0 (former OPTIPOL LCP);

2) develop a ConSite Wind pilot toolbox for onshore wind power plants;

3) develop dissemination activities to present the toolbox concept for the general public and new partners;

4) outline a migration plan for upscaling of the ConSite concept from desktop to web platform and

5) outline a strategic plan for the development of an innovative decision-support toolbox for adaptive landscape planning (the ecosystem services concept) with regard to renewable energy establishment.

All these objectives has its origin in the overarching hypothesis that landscapes are best managed when regarding them as socio‐ecological systems that need to be maintained by balancing technological, economic, societal and environmental perspectives on limited and conflicting resource use.