We publish our research through our own report series, and in articles in Norwegian and international journals and magazines.

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Latest publications from NINA - includes both scientific publications, reports and publications in other series.

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NINA Report

This is an electronic series from 2005 that replaces the previous series NINA Fagrapport, NINA Assignment Report and NINA Project Report. Normally, this is NINA's reporting to the client after completed research, monitoring or study work.

In addition, the series will embrace much of the institutes other reporting, for example from seminars and conferences, results of its own research and study work and literature studies. NINA Report can also be published in another language when appropriate.

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NINA Special Report

NINA Special Reports contain a specific theme or subject. The series reaches widely - from specific decision keys to information about important issues about nature and society. 

NINA Special Reports are usually given a more popular scientific form and they have more emphasis on graphic and illustrations than NINA Reports. 

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Reports in older NINA-series

Older series are in print (technical reports , consultancy reports, project reports) can be ordered by contacting NINA expedition : tel. +47 73 80 14 00 , fax +47 73 80 14 01 or via e- mail 

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Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 08.00-15.30

Frode Thomassen Singsaas 

Siri Aashaug Sæther 

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
P.O. Box 5685 Torgarden,

 +47 404 69 176

The NINA Library

Our book collection consists of literature gathered by the Norwegian Wildlife Research Institute, the Norwegian Environment Ageny and the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, a total of around 14.000 volumes.

The NINA Library subscribes to the major e-journal packages from Science Direct, Wiley, Springer, Sage and Taylor & Francis. A total of about 6000 e-journals, mostly from 1997 onwards. The library also has around 1000 periodicals in paper, of which about 50 are still in print.

In addition, the collection contains a number of special prints from former NINA employees.

Our collections are available for interlibrary loans, via other professional and public libraries.

You will find the library in the NINA building in Trondheim. Photo: Anne Olga Syverhuset / NINA You will find the library in the NINA building in Trondheim. Photo: Anne Olga Syverhuset / NINA

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

NINA is an independent foundation for nature research and research on the interaction between human society, natural resources and biodiversity.
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