The Norwegian Nature Index

The Norwegian Nature Index

Norway’s Nature Index documents overall trends for the state of major ecosystems throughout the country, and to provide a readily available overview of whether Norway is making progress towards its goal of halting the loss of biodiversity 

What is the Norwegian Nature Index?

The Nature Index builds upon the Natural Capital Index developed in the Netherlands, the Living Planet Index and the Water Frame Directive. The Nature Index is designed to show trends in biodiversity in major ecosystems. It is based on a large number of indicators representing different aspects of biodiversity. The overall objective is to measure whether Norway is succeeding in halting the loss of biodiversity, as we have pledged under several international agreements.

The Norwegian Government made the Norwegian Environment Agency responsible for developing a biodiversity index to document overall trends for major ecosystems and the species they support. The first edition of the Nature Index was published on 23 September 2010. The index is presented every fifth year. Results are presented in an own application; se at the right of this web page. The Nature Index has a potential as a thematic account for biodiversity connected to the SEEA EA framework.


Norwegian Nature Index

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The Nature Index measures the condition of biological diversity in Norway, and gives an oversight into the development of the ecosystems, for selected species groups and themes.



The repository contains the R package code for "The Nature Index" (NIcalc) which measures the state of biological diversity in Norway. Please refer to for more details and to the package vignettes

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