Urban EA - Urban ecosystem accounting

URBAN EA – Urban ecosystem accounting

What is the value of urban nature ?  URBAN EA maps and values ecosystem services in the Oslo Region, and tests methods for ecosystem accounting at the municipal level.

NINA conducts research on ecosystem services from urban ecosystems , both green spaces in the built area and peri-urban nature areas.  Here you will find publications and news about development and testing of ecosystem accounts for municipalities, and research and development on the UNs Experimental Ecosystem Accounting (EEA) and its application to urban areas.


Online Symposium 2020

  1. David N. Barton, NINA  Ecosystem accounting for cities (173 MB)
  2. Grazia Zulian, EU Joint Research Centre Urban ecosystem assessment in the EU (17 MB)
  3. Christian Steel, SABIMA Hvorfor trenger vi arealregnskap for klima og naturmangfold? (13 MB)
  4. Zander Venter, NINA Stavanger urban nature mapping (174 MB)
  5. Erik Stange, NINA Trondheim IMAGINE Project (37 MB)
  6. Isabel Seifert, NIVA Oslo New WaterWays project (240 MB)
  7. David N. Barton, NINA Oslofjord Region - value of ecosystem services (188 MB)
  8. Karl Otto Ellefsen, AHO Urbanity, sustainability and long-term green borders (64 MB)
  9. Halvor Weider Ellefsen, AHO The Blue-green factor method: possible futures (327 MB)
  10. Per Arild Garnåsjordet, SSB Urban Green. Integrating ecosystem extent and condition as a basis for ecosystem accounts. Examples from the Oslo region (24 MB)
  11. Megan Nowell, NINA Can actual land cover changes be detected from space? (206 MB)
  12. Olav Skarpaas, NINA&NHM Modelling urban plant diversity -  the green in between(49 MB)
  13. Frank Hanssen, NINA Tree spotting - mapping the urban tree canopy (33 MB)
  14. David N. Barton, NINA Communicating ecosystem condition using an Urban Nature Atlas (48 MB)
  15. Zander Venter, NINA What is the health impact of urban heat island mitigation in Oslo? (128 MB)
  16. David N. Barton, NINA Communicating uncertainty about stormwater run-off mitigation (173 MB)
  17. Zofie Cimburova, NINA Public tree visibility index - seeing the city for the trees (307 MB)
  18. David N. Barton, NINA What is the natural capital value of urban trees in Oslo?(247 MB)


Project News

Apr14 Trær i byen gjør hetebølger mer levelige
14/04/2020 09:24:00

Steder med bytrær var inntil 10 grader kjøligere enn steder med asfalt under Oslos hetebølge sommer...
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Jan27 URBAN EEA Symposium 2020
27/01/2020 08:24:00

Fremtidens Areal- og Naturregnskap for Byer  The future of land use and natural capital accoun...
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Jun19 Overraskende mange trær i Oslo
19/06/2019 12:24:00

Oslo by har dobbelt så stort areal av trekroner som tak, viser nye beregninger.
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Project information

Project manager: David N. Barton (NINA)

Funding: The Research Council of Norway

Collaborating partners: The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Statistics Norway (SSB)