NINA collaborates with research institutions in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. 


CIENS CIENS is a co-operation between autonomous research institutes and the University of Oslo. Most of the research institutes are located in Forskningsparken (Oslo Research Park) close to the University campus.

CIENS is a member of PEER - Partnership for European Environmental Research

The Fram Centre

FRAM –  High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment 

Framsenteret consist of scientists from 21 institutions involved in interdisciplinary research and outreach in the fields of natural science, technology and social sciences.


HydroCen (Norwegian Research Centre for Hydropower Technology) skal levere kunnskap og innovative løsninger til norsk vannkraftsektor. 

NTNU er vertsinstitusjon og hovedforskningspartner i HydroCen sammen med SINTEF Energi og Norsk institutt for naturforskning (NINA). HydroCen har rundt 50 nasjonale og internasjonale partnere fra forskning, industri og forvaltning.


Miljøalliansen represents a strategic collaboration between the environmental research institutes in Norway. 

CeBES - Centre for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Strong research environments in Norway come together to produce new knowledge that can help stop the loss of biodiversity and ensure sustainable use of nature and nature's benefits. NTNU, SINTEF, NINA and NIBIO are behind the Centre for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (CeBES).


The European Science-Policy Interface on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

Alternet brings together leading institutes from 18 European countries. They share the goal of integrating their research capability to: assess changes in biodiversity, analyse the effect of those changes on ecosystem services and inform the public and policy makers about this at a European scale.

JP Hydropower


Norwegian Research Centre on Wind will bring forward outstanding research and innovation to reduce the cost of wind energy, facilitate its sustainable development, create jobs and grow exports.  

Living Norway

Living Norway Ecological Data Network facilitates open, reproducible and transparent sharing, use and reuse of ecological data to the benefit of society and science

Cooperation and expertise for a sustainable future 

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

NINA is an independent foundation for nature research and research on the interaction between human society, natural resources and biodiversity.
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