Employee info

Frank Ole Hanssen
Stilling:    Senior Engineer IT

  Telephone: +47 959 24 423
  E-mail: frank.hanssen@nina.no
 Department:  Miljødata-seksjonen

Knowledge areas

International project management, innovation, GIS (geospatial analysis and modelling), digital cartography, remote sensing, siting/routing of renewable energy and power lines, scoping and conflict resolution, landscape ecology, landscape metrics, multi criteria analysis, scientific publishing, dissemination, development aid (capacity building within GIS and biodiversity informatics) and research infrastructure.

Key qualifications
  • Expertise: Cartography, GIS and remote sensing
  • Core competence: Tool development, spatial analysi, modelling and geoprocessing (ESRI ArcGIS og ENVI).
  • Administration: Coordination, user support, advisory, strategy work, Digital Norway
  • Research and assessment: Wind energy and wildlife, environmental design, spatial planning, termic, landscape metrics, landscape ecology, geomorphology, ecosystem services, green infrastructure
  • Project portfolio:
    • Bird-friendly design of power lines (BirdPOL)
    • Environmental design and siting of wind power plants and power-lines (ConSite, INTACT)
    • Spatial assessment of environment-economy trade-offs to reduce wind power conflicts (WindLand)
    • Prediction of high-risk areas for the invasive black-mouthed goby
    • Green Infrastructures and Ecosystem Services in urban spatial planning (IMAGINE)
    • LIDAR-based tree segmentation and tree canopy volume estimation (URBAN EEA)


Curriculum Vitae:
CV for Frank Ole Hanssen

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