Employee info

Frank Ole Hanssen
Position:    Senior Engineer IT

  Telephone: +47 959 24 423
  E-mail: frank.hanssen@nina.no
 Department:  Miljødata

Knowledge areas
  • Cartographic communication
  • GIS, spatial analysis and modelling
  • Remote sensing (airborne LIDAR, Landsat, SENTINEL)
  • Spatial ecology
  • Landscape modelling/metrics
  • Spatial planning and Impact assessment (footprints and cumulative impacts)
  • Onshore/offshore wind power (siting, micro-siting, mitigating measures and env. design)
  • Power lines (collision risk for birds, routing)
  • Green infrastructure and ecosystem accounting
  • Mapping/prediction modelling of risk areas and dispersal vectors for alien marine species.

Key qualifications
  • Cartography, GIS and remote sensing
  • Spatial modelling and analysis
  • Tool development (ESRI ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online/Enterprise, Google Earth Engine)
  • Cloud computing (Google Earth Engine)
  • Project management and counseling 


Curriculum Vitae:
CV for Frank Ole Hanssen

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