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Jenni Nordén
Position:    Senior Research Scientist

  Telephone: +47 407 63 536
  E-mail: jenni.norden@nina.no
 Department:  NINA Oslo

Knowledge areas
I am a community and ecosystem ecologist, working as a research scientist at Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Oslo, Norway. I'm also an adjunct professor in ecology and evolutionary biology. I study species and community level responses to environmental change - habitat loss and fragmentation, and climate change – and the consequences of these responses for ecosystem processes such as the carbon cycle. My most recent projects, ForBioFunCtioN (PI) and EcoForest (partner), address the effects of climate change and management on the forest ecosystem biodiversity, and carbon budget - through changes in the composition and functioning of the communities residing in forest soils, dead wood and the vegetation. In the ForestValue project SustMultBiomass (partner), we look for forestry solutions that would optimise the delivery of climate, biodiversity and ecosystem service benefits. I'm a partner in the recent Nordic network for integrated forest resource and biodiversity monitoring (INFOBIOM). My other main projects deal with trait-mediated fungal community assembly, biodiversity scenarios under different climate change and forest management scenarios, effects of forest fragmentation on genetic variation in fungi, fungal translocations, barriers of ecosystem-based forest management, rainforest restoration in Brazil and the Norwegian Red List of threatened species as well as invasive alien species in Norway.

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Key qualifications
Community ecology, ecosystem ecology, spatial ecology, fungal ecology, dispersal ecology, population dynamics, conservation biology, trait ecology, functional ecology, forest ecology, soil ecology, evolutionary biology, decomposer fungi, environmental DNA, climate change, land use change, forest management.


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