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Jon Hamner Magerøy
Position:    Researcher

  Telephone: +47 410 41 653
  E-mail: jon.mageroy@nina.no
 Department:  NINA Oslo

Knowledge areas
Freshwater mussels and fish, parasites, zooplankton and benthic invertebrates. Monitoring and research. Habitat requirements, genetics, human impacts and ecosystem services.

Key qualifications
I have extensive experience with research on and monitoring of freshwater mussels in Norway, Canada and the USA. Research topics include habitat requirements, genetics, human impacts and ecosystem services, among others. As a part of this work, I have also studied confirmed and potential host fish for mussels. Therefore, I have gained experience with a variety of freshwater fish, both through experiments and field work. During my Ph.D., I worked on evolutionary theories on parasites that castrate their hosts. Specifically, I worked on a bacterium that castrates water fleas (daphnia).

Through my work on freshwater mussels I have also become a member of the IUCN mollusc specialist group (Molluscs), member of the management committee for the research network CONFREMUS (confremus.eu), which is a COST network for freshwater mussels in Europe, and member of the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society (FMCS).


Curriculum Vitae:
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