Employee info

Zofie Cimburová
Position:    Researcher

  Telephone: +47 967 11 382
  E-mail: zofie.cimburova@nina.no
 Department:  NINA Oslo

Knowledge areas

Graduated as a spatial data analyst, in the PhD project I am exploring how ecosystem services of urban trees are affected by the trees’ location and spatial context, i.e. their position towards structures and processes such as buildings, people or other trees. Building on this knowledge, I am developing geospatial methodologies for modelling and quantification of spatial context of urban trees in order to allow for more accurate, objective and large-scale estimation of trees’ ecosystem services and values.

Key qualifications

Geoinformatics; GIS; Romlig analyse; Cartography; Remote sensing; Ecosystem services; Urban ecosystem services; Data Science; Machine learning; R-programming


Curriculum Vitae:
CV for Zofie Cimburová

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