Employee info

Line Cordes
Position:    Researcher

  Telephone: +47 930 25 346
  E-mail: line.cordes@nina.no
 Department:  NINA terrestrisk økologi

Knowledge areas
I am a quantitative ecologist working at the interface between movement and population ecology with experience studying a broad range of marine and terrestrial species. I have extensive experience modelling demographic rates, and quantifying environmental, ecological and anthropogenic drivers of population change. Understanding impacts of human disturbance has also been a major theme of my research, which has included investigating the impacts of offshore renewable developments, seismic surveys, harvesting, and assessing efficacy of protected areas. Over recent years, I have expanded my research exploring the environmental drivers of movement and energy landscapes of marine top predators. Currently, I am leading work that explores the mechanistic links between environmental change and demography, using movement as the energetic pathway. This involves quantifying the impact of marine energy landscapes (physical environment and prey field) on the movement decisions and foraging energetics of top predator and the consequences for fitness and breeding success.

Key qualifications
Animal movement ecology, animal population ecology, (long-term) individual-based studies, mark-recapture modelling (incl. special cases dealing with unknown sex, uncertainty in breeding state, time-varying individual covs etc), movement modelling (kernelUD, brownian bridge, T-LoCoH, HMMs, step selection), population modelling (PBR, iPCoD, matrix modelling etc).


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