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Andrew Gray
Position:    Researcher

  Telephone: +47 413 96 256
  E-mail: andrew.gray@nina.no
 Department:  NINA Oslo

Knowledge areas
Remote sensing ecologist specialising in Polar terrestrial and snow/ice ecosystems. Experience conducting UAV surveys with a variety of passive and active sensors as well as producing field datasets to underpin remote sensing projects. My most recent research has involved mapping algal bloom distribution and biomass in snow across Antarctica. And using species disribution models to explore distribution controls and explore the fate of snow ecosystems under climate change scenarios.   

Key qualifications
Remote sensing ecology, UAV surveys, airborne surveys, hyperspectral imaging, multispectral imaging, thermal imaging, structure from motion, classification, species distribution modelling, field spectroscopy, snow and glacier ecology, Antarctic terestrial ecology, solar induced fluorescence, carbon flux measurements, biogeochemistry. 


Curriculum Vitae:
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