Employee info

Siri Lie Olsen
Position:    Scientific Advisor

  Telephone: +47 458 54 973
  E-mail: Siri.Lie.Olsen@nina.no
 Department:  NINA Oslo

Knowledge areas
I am a plant ecologist, and the main aim of my research is to understand how anthropogenic impacts affect biodiversity, focusing on the effects of climate change, alien species and land-use change. I study effects on both individual plants, plant populations and plant communties, as well as biotic interactions between plants and animals. I work mainly in alpine ecosystems, but also forests and semi-natural systems. 

Key qualifications
Plant ecology, population dynamics, community ecology, biotic interactions, climate change, alien species, land-use change, biodiversity, mountains, forest, semi-natural grasslands


Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

NINA is an independent foundation for nature research and research on the interaction between human society, natural resources and biodiversity.
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