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Line Elisabeth Sundt-Hansen
Position:    Senior Research Scientist

  Telephone: +47 984 21 195
  E-mail: line.sundt-hansen@nina.no
 Department:  NINA akvatisk naturmangfold

Knowledge areas

Research on ecology, physiology and behavior of salmonids. Extensive experience in planning and executing experimental research projects in laboratory, semi-natural environments and in nature. Experience in assessing cost of rapid growth (applied and evolutionary) in salmonids and ecological risk assessment of transgenic salmon. Experience from research on salmonids in regulated rivers and effect of hydropower development. Experience from reserach on ecosystem effects of invasive non-native and native salmonids. Experience in development and use of individual based population model, IB-salmon, and statistical analyses of Atlantic salmon population data.

Experience with international collaboration from several national and international projects founded by the Research Council of Norway, such as Quantifying biological risks of growth enhanced transgenic salmon (FUGE), FutureHydro (no. 221674), SalmoInvade (no.235949) and also in the research centre CEDREN and now currently HydroCen (Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research on hydropower). Resposible for co-ordinating NINAs activities in HydroCen in the research area Environmental design, assessing hydropower regulation, environmental impact and mitigation.

Key qualifications

Aquatic ecology, salmonid biology, salmonids in regulated rivers, semi-natural experiments, experimental studies of salmonids, risk assesment of transgenic salmonids, individual based modelling of salmonids


Curriculum Vitae:
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