Research topic


Bram Van Moorter

spatial ecology
animal space use and movement

- socio-ecological systems
- agent-based modeling
- adaptive management


In my research I aim to develop theory to support applied problems. As Kurt Lewin (social psychologist) famously said: "There is nothing as practical as a good theory."

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My past research has primarily focused on the study of animal space use and movements in relation to environmental heterogeneity. For this work I have combined formal theoretical developments with the analysis of large spatial data sets.

In my current work is an increasing emphasis on the explicit linkage of spatial ecological processes with human activities and the mitigation thereof to support ongoing ecosystem functioning. As part of the "Renewable Reindeer"-project, we are evaluating the effects of human infrastructures on habitat loss and fragmentation through graph-based connectivity measures.



In the adaptive management of human land use in protected areas.

I pursue further integration of ecological and societal dynamics in a Socio-Ecological Systems framework using approaches from Ecosystem Services and Environmental Psychology.

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Manuela Panzacchi

movement ecology, spatial ecology, GPS data, habitat selection, ungulates, carnivores, human-wildlife conflicts, sustainable development, adaptive management, reindeer
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Stefan Blumentrath

Cultural landscapes Environmental planning GIS Landscape aesthetics
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Frank Ole Hanssen

GIS Coordinator and Senior GIS Analyst with 24 years’ experience from national and international multidisciplinary collaboration (broad professional network). Engaged with GIS- analysis, spatial modelling and development of innovative planning/decision support tools within renewable energy development, environmental management, land use planning, emergency preparedness, landscape ecology and topographical mapping. Major practical experience with the ESRI ArcGIS Software, ENVI Software, 3D Spacebuilder and to some degree open source GIS (QGIS, Grass, PostGIS and Mapserver). Thorough experience with ArcGIS Modelbuilder and some experience with Python scripting. Field of work includes project management, innovation, communication, dissemination, applied ecological research, scientific publishing, impact assessment, spatial ecology, cartographic communication, geoprocessing, remote sensing, landscape modelling and landscape metrics. Heavily engaged in capacity building (United Nations Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services), environmental design of renewable energy, development of mitigation tools, dialog (scoping and conflict resolution), Research infrastructure implementation and data sharing (Norwegian Biodiversity Information Center, Global Biodiversity Information Facility, LifeWatch and the International Long Term Ecological Research Network).

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Roelof Frans May

  • Conservation biology
  • Spatial ecology
  • Carnivore and raptor ecology
  • Renewable energy and wildlife
  • (Strategic) environmental impact assessments
  • Ecological networks and habitat fragmentation
  • Avian radar technology (MERLIN and ROBIN) and radar ornithology
  • Project management and acquisition

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Erik Framstad

Main scientific experience covers population and habitat ecology of small mammals in boreal forests and mountain ecosystems. Applied research and consultancy work includes studies and assessments of boreal forest ecology, protected areas, ecological effects of agriculture and forestry on species and ecosystems, environmental impact assessments of infrastructure development projects, development of indicators for biodiversity, and monitoring of terrestrial biodiversity.

Main administrative experience covers management of NINA's research department in Oslo, as well as coordination of terrestrial ecological monitoring and major research projects and programmes on boreal forests or cultural landscapes.

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Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson

Conservation biology, landscape ecology, sustainable forestry & forest certification, distribution and monitoring of rare species, ecology of woodliving organisms especially fungi and insects, GIS.
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Jenni Nordén

Community ecology, spatial ecology, fungal ecology, dispersal ecology, population dynamics, species interactions, species traits, environmental DNA, decomposer fungi, conservation biology, forest ecology

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Craig Ryan Jackson

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Zander Venter

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