Research topic

Deliberative processes

Jørn Thomassen

Environmental Impact Assessments. Project planning and programme co-ordinating, especially within Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental monitoring. Project planning and implementation in ecology in Arctic areas in summer and winter seasons. Training.
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Frank Ole Hanssen

GIS Coordinator and Senior GIS Analyst with 24 years’ experience from national and international multidisciplinary collaboration (broad professional network). Engaged with GIS- analysis, spatial modelling and development of innovative planning/decision support tools within renewable energy development, environmental management, land use planning, emergency preparedness, landscape ecology and topographical mapping. Major practical experience with the ESRI ArcGIS Software, ENVI Software, 3D Spacebuilder and to some degree open source GIS (QGIS, Grass, PostGIS and Mapserver). Thorough experience with ArcGIS Modelbuilder and some experience with Python scripting. Field of work includes project management, innovation, communication, dissemination, applied ecological research, scientific publishing, impact assessment, spatial ecology, cartographic communication, geoprocessing, remote sensing, landscape modelling and landscape metrics. Heavily engaged in capacity building (United Nations Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services), environmental design of renewable energy, development of mitigation tools, dialog (scoping and conflict resolution), Research infrastructure implementation and data sharing (Norwegian Biodiversity Information Center, Global Biodiversity Information Facility, LifeWatch and the International Long Term Ecological Research Network).

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Jiska Joanneke Van Dijk

Chair ALTER-Net management board - Environmental Education - Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services - Human evolution and behavioural ecology - Behavioural economics - Otter & mink expert - Wolverine & brown bear expert.
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