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Erik Framstad

Main scientific experience covers population and habitat ecology of small mammals in boreal forests and mountain ecosystems. Applied research and consultancy work includes studies and assessments of boreal forest ecology, protected areas, ecological effects of agriculture and forestry on species and ecosystems, environmental impact assessments of infrastructure development projects, development of indicators for biodiversity, and monitoring of terrestrial biodiversity.

Main administrative experience covers management of NINA's research department in Oslo, as well as coordination of terrestrial ecological monitoring and major research projects and programmes on boreal forests or cultural landscapes.

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Ann Kristin Schartau

Major practical experiences cover project management concerning research and monitoring in freshwater (rivers and lakes) and in marine environments (estuarine and coastal waters). Specialization on freshwater biodiversity and water quality. Project leader for several national projects on implementation of the EC Water Framework Directive in Norway: Design of a National Monitoring Network for Reference Sites, Design of a National Network for Surveillance monitoring in freshwaters, Evaluation of methods for monitoring and assessment of freshwaters c.f. the WFD. Experience from international work on standardization of biological methods, and different aspects related to the implementation of the ECC’s Water Framework Directive.
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Thomas Correll Jensen

Freshwater ecology, zooplankton, growth and respiration of zooplankton
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Odd Egil Stabbetorp

Research Ecologist Field of work: Vegetation ecology, botany, population ecology, population genetics, conservation biology, species and area management, agricultural landscapes, environmental impact assessments, landscape analysis, geographic information systems (GIS).
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Graciela Monica Rusch

Wide research interests on plant sciences, specifically on functional ecology, ecosystem function and ecological processes related to land-use, herbivory and the maintenance and management of biological diversity. Extensive international experience including research and consultancy projects in Europe, North America, South and Central America, and East Africa. Experience of project coordination including a number of international projects (Research Council of Norway and EU). A number of these projects are cross-disciplinary with components of ecology/biology and social/economic sciences. The work related to the projects have comprised own research, supervision of MSc and PhD students, consultancy and project coordination activities.
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Jens Åström

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Bjørn Walseng

Senior Technician Field of work: Freshwater ecology, freshwater invertebrates (especially crustaceans), biodiversity, conservation plans, pollution ecology, environmental monitoring, enviromental impact assessments.
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Odd Terje Sandlund

Major research experience: aquatic ecology, freshwater ecosystems (lakes and rivers), ecology of freshwater fishes, and exploitation of fish populations. Cross-disciplinary research (natural and social sciences) related to natural resources management and watershed management. Strategic and institutional development on conservation biology and biodiversity-related research, including development of cross-sectoral research collaboration. Development of multidisciplinary graduate university course on biodiversity. Participation in the national and international follow-up process to the Convention on Biological Diversity. Many years of experience advising national, regional and local authorities and private organisations regarding management of freshwater fish resources. Experience from developing countries includes research collaboration, environmental impact assessments, feasibility studies on fisheries, advice and evaluation of projects regarding natural resource management, assessment of environmental status, and programme strategies for environmental support.
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Kari Elsa Ellingsen

The main part of my research activities is focused on biodiversity, its measurement and patterns, human impact and impacts of climate change on ecosystems. I have studied marine biodiversity patterns in different parts of the world in shallow waters, on the continental shelf and in the deep sea using data on benthos and fish communities. The work implies a large number of collaborations with scientists from Europe, New Zealand, Canada, Russia and China. Currently I am also focusing on terrestrial biodiversity studies. With regard to the measurement of biodiversity, I have focused on beta diversity, patterns of rare and common species and, in general, on the use of multivariate analyses.
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Ola Håvard Diserud

Applied statistical modelling, multivariate analysis, interactions between aquaculture and wild salmonids, biodiversity, population and community dynamics.

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Marianne Evju

plant ecology, monitoring of biodiversity, nature types, demography and population dynamics, plant-herbivore interactions 
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Signe Nybø


  • Project management
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Nature Index of Norway
  • Radioecology
  • Renewable energy (wind and powerlines) and environmeltal design
  • Restoring nature

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John Durrus Linnell

Ecology, behaviour, population dynamics and conservation of carnivores and wild ungulates. Conservation of species that cause conflicts with humans. Ecology – social science interdisciplinarity.
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Olav Skarpaas

Ecology, biodiversiy, population dynamics, demography, dispersal, demography, spatial ecology, conservation biology, biostatics, modeling
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Inga Elise Bruteig

  • Ecology of epiphytic lichens
  • Environmental monitoring; lichens and air pollution
  • Coniferous lichens and lichens in subalpine birch forests
  • Critical loads for nitrogen; effects of nitrogen depositions on lichens and aerophytic algae
  • Environmental Impact Assessment; effects on vegetation
  • Effects of biological growth on rock art
  • Grazing effects on biodiversity

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    Frode Fossøy

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    Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson

    Conservation biology, landscape ecology, sustainable forestry & forest certification, distribution and monitoring of rare species, ecology of woodliving organisms especially fungi and insects, GIS.
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    Jenni Nordén

    Community ecology, spatial ecology, fungal ecology, dispersal ecology, population dynamics, species interactions, species traits, environmental DNA, decomposer fungi, conservation biology, forest ecology

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    Siri Lie Olsen

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    Rannveig Margrete Jacobsen

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    Egil Bendiksen

    Botanikk, mykologi, skogøkologi, miljøgradienter i skog, arts-og arealforvaltning, truete og sårbare arter.
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    Tor Erik Brandrud

    Mycology (Taxonomy and Ecology of Mycorrhizal Fungi), Ecology of Aquatic macrophytes (Higer Plants and Mosses, including Aquatic Weeds; Effect Studies and Management), Vegetation ecology, Acidification Research, Nature conservancy and management (freshwater and terrestrial anvironments), Biodiversity
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    Anders Endrestøl

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    Anders Often

    Botany, conservation biology, species and area management, vascular plants, agricultural landscapes.
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    Björn Nordén

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    Kristin Thorsrud Teien

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    Dagmar Hagen

    Restoration ecology, planning, management, plant ecology, seedbank, arctic and alpine vegetation, monitoring, vegetation disturbance and recovery.
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    Jan Ove Gjershaug

    Biodiversity, systematics, biogeography, ecology and conservation biology Birds, mammals and social insects (ants and bumble bees)
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    Markus A.K. Sydenham

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    Zander Venter

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