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Nigel Yoccoz

The main part of my research activities is focused on the developement and implementation of statistical methods in population and community ecology. I work also on the estimation and sampling of biological diversity, with respect to the developement of statistical medthods and to their implementation in ecosystems of northern Norway.
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Jens Åström

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Inger Maren Rivrud

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Ola Håvard Diserud

Applied statistical modelling, multivariate analysis, interactions between aquaculture and wild salmonids, biodiversity, population and community dynamics.

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Geir H. Bolstad

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Olav Skarpaas

Ecology, biodiversiy, population dynamics, demography, dispersal, demography, spatial ecology, conservation biology, biostatics, modeling
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Erlend Birkeland Nilsen

• Population dynamics • Demography • Life history theory • Trophic interactions • Predation • Harvesting • Ungulates • Carnivores • Small game • Small rodents • Statistical modeling
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Stefan Blumentrath

Cultural landscapes Environmental planning GIS Landscape aesthetics
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Ditte Katrine Hendrichsen

Population biology, ecological modelling, climate change, Arctic ecology, statistical modelling, trophic interactions, spatial statistics, life history, demography
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Bård Pedersen

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Kari Elsa Ellingsen

The main part of my research activities is focused on biodiversity, its measurement and patterns, human impact and impacts of climate change on ecosystems. I have studied marine biodiversity patterns in different parts of the world in shallow waters, on the continental shelf and in the deep sea using data on benthos and fish communities. The work implies a large number of collaborations with scientists from Europe, New Zealand, Canada, Russia and China. Currently I am also focusing on terrestrial biodiversity studies. With regard to the measurement of biodiversity, I have focused on beta diversity, patterns of rare and common species and, in general, on the use of multivariate analyses.
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