Research topic

Terrestrial Ecosystem Monitoring

Erik Framstad

Main scientific experience covers population and habitat ecology of small mammals in boreal forests and mountain ecosystems. Applied research and consultancy work includes studies and assessments of boreal forest ecology, protected areas, ecological effects of agriculture and forestry on species and ecosystems, environmental impact assessments of infrastructure development projects, development of indicators for biodiversity, and monitoring of terrestrial biodiversity.

Main administrative experience covers management of NINA's research department in Oslo, as well as coordination of terrestrial ecological monitoring and major research projects and programmes on boreal forests or cultural landscapes.

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John Atle Kålås

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Per Arild Aarrestad

Plant ecology. Vegetation dynamics. Biological diversity. Endangered species. Vegetation monitoring. Effects of air pollution and climate change. Terrestrial liming. Environmental Impact Assessment. Conservation. Soil analysis. Cultural landscape and management. Studies on interactions between vegetation, fire and browsing/grazing of animals. Multivariate data analysis in plant communities and biogeography.
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Inga Elise Bruteig

  • Ecology of epiphytic lichens
  • Environmental monitoring; lichens and air pollution
  • Coniferous lichens and lichens in subalpine birch forests
  • Critical loads for nitrogen; effects of nitrogen depositions on lichens and aerophytic algae
  • Environmental Impact Assessment; effects on vegetation
  • Effects of biological growth on rock art
  • Grazing effects on biodiversity

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    Odd Egil Stabbetorp

    Research Ecologist Field of work: Vegetation ecology, botany, population ecology, population genetics, conservation biology, species and area management, agricultural landscapes, environmental impact assessments, landscape analysis, geographic information systems (GIS).
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    Vegar Bakkestuen

    Major practical experience includes: Thorough knowledge of different GIS applications, e.g. ArcView, ArcGIS, ArcInfo, ERDAS IMAGINE, Surfer, Idrisi, MapObjects, Grass, MapFactory, Splus SpatialStatistics. Thorough knowledge of Avenue, script language of ArcView. Development of scripts and extensions for ArcView Knowledge of VisualBasic programming Digital landscape- and terrain analyses Spatial statistics Studies of vegetation structure and vegetation dynamics Regional studies of impacts of acid deposition on terrestrial plant biota, - vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens and fungi. Fieldwork design, sampling protocols and data analyses Numerical and statistical treatment of field data, including multivariate analyses like CA, DCA and direct gradient analyses; e.g. CCA constrained ordination
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    Torgeir Nygård

    Environmental pollution, bioaccumulation and effects, especially in birds (seabirds and birds of prey), Seabirds and waterfowl distribution and ecology, Birds of prey studies; (Sea-Eagle population dynamics and dispersal, goshawk and forestry, environmental pollution, ecotoxicology, population dynamics, relation with habitats and prey, impact of windfarms) Environmental impact assessments, satellite telemetry, Database management.
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    Marianne Evju

    plant ecology, monitoring of biodiversity, nature types, demography and population dynamics, plant-herbivore interactions 
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    Heidi Elin Myklebost

    Vegetasjonsøkologi, vegetasjonsovervåking, naturtypekartlegging etter NiN. 
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