Manuela Panzacchi
Position:    Senior Research Scientist

  Telephone: +47 909 11 097
 Department:  NINA Oslo

Knowledge areas

My research interests lie mostly at the interface between behavioral ecology - in particular movement ecology - and conservation biology. I am particularly interested in the effect of anthropogenic development on species’ spatial behavior, habitat use and landscape permeability. Currently, I am working on new approaches to identify animal movement/migration corridors. I am also interested in human-wildlife conflicts, and in approaches to support adaptive management and sustainable development.
My work is conducted mainly within a large project based on GPS-monitored wild mountain reindeer and other species (e.g. moose) in Norway.

I am currently leading the RenewableReindeer project (NFR-funded), and contributing to Toppforsk, ProdChange, AdMan and other projects

Key qualifications

movement ecology, spatial ecology, GPS data, habitat selection, ungulates, carnivores, human-wildlife conflicts, sustainable development, adaptive management, reindeer


Post.Docs in NINA, Trondheim

Ph.D in Biodiversity avd Evolution, colalboration between NTNU, NINA and Univ. of Bologna - 2007

Post-lauream apprenticeship, National Wildlife Institute of Italy - 2001

MSc in Biological Science, Univ. of Bologna 2000


Researcher I, NINA, 2012 - present

Postdoc, reindeer project, NINA, 2010 - 2012

Research contract, Lynx- roe deer project, NINA, 2009 - 2010

Guest Researcher, Norwegian University for Life Science, UMB, 2008

Research contract, Italian Action Plan for Conservatin of Otters. National Wildlife Institute (NWI) of Italy 2006 - 08

Collaboration with the NWI on different projects 2001 - 04

National Responsible for Biotechnologies and Transgenic Organisms, for the Italian NGO Legambiente Onlus, IUCN member, 2000 - 02


Italian, English, Norwegian

Worked in

2012 Researcher, ISPRA Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Italy. Permanent position


Guest Researcher,
Norwegian University for Life Science, UMB, ?s, Norway

2006 - 08 Research contract, cooperation project between ISPRA & Italian Minister for Environment and for the Protection of Territory and Sea. Italian Action Plan for the conservation of Otters (Lutra lutra)

2001 - 04 Collaboration contract with ISPRA on research and management of wild boar (Sus scrofa) and invasive species (i.e. coypus, Myocastor coypus)

2000 - 02 National Responsible for Biotechnologies and Transgenic Organisms for the Italian NGO Legambiente Onlus, as


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