Search for publications

Search for publications

We publish our research through our own report series, and in scientific and popular science articles in national and international magazines.

Search for NINA-publications in Oria

In the search box above you can search for NINA reports and a number of other NINA publications. Some search examples: 

Search for Example
Author name Hindar
Topic jerv
Part of title "fjellrev i Norge"
Year 1989
Name and topic Sandlund ørekyte

You can also combine using Boolean operators, like AND, OR or NOT. For example, type "Ødegaard AND humler", or "gaupe OR ulv OR bjørn OR jerv"

When using the search box above, a pre-programmed search will be generated in Oria. The search result  list opens in a new window, and if desired, you can further refine your search using the facets to the left of the  search results. Note: Oria does not work optimally yet, and it may be worth using the boundaries in the left margin with some caution.

If you cannot find publications you expected to find, we would like to know about it so we can improve the service. Send an email to the NINA Library


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