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Björn Nordén

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Inga Elise Bruteig

  • Ecology of epiphytic lichens
  • Environmental monitoring; lichens and air pollution
  • Coniferous lichens and lichens in subalpine birch forests
  • Critical loads for nitrogen; effects of nitrogen depositions on lichens and aerophytic algae
  • Environmental Impact Assessment; effects on vegetation
  • Effects of biological growth on rock art
  • Grazing effects on biodiversity

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    Jarle Werner Bjerke

    • Research on climate effects, especially related to climate change and extreme weather events in boreal and Arctic areas;
    • Experimental studies for providing baselines for modeling og on-going and future ecosystem change due to climate change;
    • Grazing ecology, especially related to effects of reindeer and goose;
    • Anthropogenic effects, especially changes in land use (e.g. afforestation, industry, reduced outfield grazing) and air pollution, plus indirect effects via climate change, as listed above;
    • Evaluations of biological diversity
    • Taxonomy and systematics, especially on some lichen genera
    • Impact assessments prior to planned land use changes.



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