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New study examines the breeding phenology of 51 seabird populations across the North Atlantic.
28. March 2023

Successful breeding is crucial, but climate change can make timing of breeding more demanding. A new study including data from several colonies monitored throughout the SEAPOP programme has now examined how seabirds adjust their breeding phenology.

Environmental design of wind power ensured American children success in a Lego competition
21. March 2023

American children have been inspired by NINA’s research on painting wind turbine rotor blades black to reduce bird collisions. This has taken them to the top of the First Lego League.

Using environmental DNA to determine how hydropower affects biodiversity in rivers
10. March 2023

Researchers have taken over 400 DNA samples from Norwegian rivers. The aim is to analyze as many as 800 samples nationally to investigate how various forms of hydropower affect species living in the river. Ultimately, the goal is to help the hydropower industry produce more sustainable renewable energy.

Raising offspring accelerates senescence in the Atlantic puffin
6. March 2023

Negative trends for populations with low productivity can be somewhat mitigated by adults living longer.

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