Pollinator habitats in Porsgrunn

Pollinator habitats in Porsgrunn municipality

NINA will support Porsgrunn Kommune with their goal of protecting and enhancing pollinator species by establishing nesting sites and flowering meadows. 

The diversity and abundance of pollinators is in decline both globally and in Norway. Pollinators are insects and animals that transport pollen to flowers, an essential part of the reproductive cycle of flowering plants. Without them, approximately 88% of flowering plants worldwide would not be able to produce outcrossed seeds (Ollerton et al. 2011). Much of what we have on our dinner table is thanks to this service provided by pollinators. Protecting pollinators is needed for preserving food supplies, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. The National Pollinator Strategy (2018) calls for the private and public sectors to take action to prevent the loss of habitats that are important for pollinators and to increase the extent of quality pollinator habitats. NINA’s Pollinator Habitat Project is working together with Porsgrunn Kommune to create nesting sites and flowering meadows in specially chosen locations. These sites are chosen to increase the abundance of wild bees and other pollinators and also to protect local species of wild flowers. In August 2021, we will begin the work. The 4 sites chosen in Porsgrunn are Helleberget, Sundjordet balløkka, Lysthusåsen and Knardalstrand driftssentral og renseanlegg. Nesting sites will be created with sand and logs. About 70% of wild bees nest in sand and 30% in cavities, where they lay their eggs. Almost all wild bees cannot sting, which makes them safe to have in residential areas and parks. As a source of calorie-rich nectar and protein-rich pollen, special flowering meadows will be created using locally-sourced seeds. It will take 2-3 years for these meadows to start flowering, but it will be worth the wait. Using this method will help to conserve local species of wild flower and the associated pollinators. We look forward to a greener, more pollinator friendly city of Porsgrunn.

Map of the site locations and the type of tiltak needed. Source: Megan S. Nowell / NINA.


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Megan Nowell

Markus Sydenham

Siri Lie Olsen

Astrid Brekke Skrindo

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