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NINA takes a natural step into EU research

Published on: 3. May 2023
Author: Camilla Næss

NINA's expertise in biodiversity and environmental solutions is in high demand in Europe. Five research projects have been funded in the latest call from The European Biodiversity Partnership, BIODIVERSA+.

NINA takes a natural step into EU research
Diego Pavón-Jordán presents the project SPEAR during the BiodivProtect kick-off in Prague.

NINA's overall goal, to contribute to sustainable development by delivering research-based and relevant knowledge about biodiversity, climate and society, is also relevant to EU's work towards a climate-neutral, sustainable and competitive Europe.

– In these calls we compete with the leading research institutes in Europe, and we are pleased to see that NINA keeps up, says Jørgen Rosvold, Ass. Research Director at NINA.

Earlier this year, seven NINA-projects received funding from Horizon Europe, EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation, where a substantial part of the budget is earmarked research on climate, environment and sustainable development.

European partnership

Now NINA has also received approval for several project applications through BiodivProtect - a call from the European partnership for natural diversity BIODIVERSA+ (European Biodiversity Partnership).

Biodiversa+ is the European Biodiversity Partnership supporting excellent research on biodiversity with an impact for society and policy. 
The call – aiming at supporting 3-years transnational research projects – was co-funded by the European Commission addressing three themes:

  • Knowledge for identifying priority conservation areas, establishing effective and resilient ecological networks, enhancing species-based protection and preserving genetic diversity
  • Multiple benefits and costs of biodiversity and ecosystem protection: synergies and trade-offs
  • Effective management and equitable governance to deliver bold conservation outcome

36 research projects were funded by the Biodiversa+ Call Steering Committee, representing a total funding amount of over 44 Mio€ (including funding from the European Commission). These are academically excellent projects, mobilising a wide range of disciplines, engaging many relevant stakeholders, and addressing various pressing scientific and societal issues.

Project kick-off in Prague

The projects were recently presented during the BiodivProtect kick-off in Prague. Diego Pavón-Jordán is one of the NINA researchers who participated.

– The competition for funding under Biodiversa+ calls is huge. More than 200 projects were submitted and only 36 were accepted. And from those, three projects are led by NINA, which is a big success taking into account that this is a EU call, says Pavón-Jordán.

See the presentations on YouTube

NINA is the coordinator for three, and a partner in two more BiodivProtect projects:

ARCTIC FOX EUROPE: Identifying effective management strategies for enhancing trans-national metapopulation protection of the Arctic Fox in mainland Europe 
Contact: Nina E. Eide

PAREUS: Providing Adaptive knowledge for Ratcheting up the EU Biodiversity strategy for Sustainable landscapes and protected areas
Contact: Roel May

SPEAR: Scenarios for Protecting European Avian Redistributions
Contacts: Diego Pavon-Jordan and Brett Sandercock

RecoSal: Recovering diversity in salmon populations and cultures of fishing: the subarctic River Teno basin as a confluence and a Living Lab    
Contact: Martin Svenning

TransWILD: Transformative wildlife management to enhance biodiversity protection and ecosystem services provision in shared and protected multi-use landscapes across Europe
Contact: John Linnell

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