Urban Ecosystem Accounting (Urban EA)

Urban Ecosystem Accounting (Urban EA)

What is the value of urban nature? NINA maps, assesses and values ecosystem services in Norwegian cities.

NINA assesses urban ecosystem services, both from green and blue infrastructure and spaces within cities, as well as services provided by the surrounding land-, coast- and seascapes. We also develop and test approaches from the UN SEEA Ecosystem Accounting applied to urban ecosystems. This page provides links to our research on ecosystem assessment and accounting of interest to municipalities, urban planners and developers.


Maps and applications

Urban Nature Atlas for Oslo (beta version)

Spatial targeting of green roofs in Oslo (beta version)

Stormwater fees for Oslo (beta version) 

Horvath, P., Barton, D.N., Hauglin, E.A. & Ellefsen, H.W. (2017). Blue-Green Factor (BGF) mapping in QGIS. User Guide and Documentation - NINA Report 1445


Ecosystem extent and condition

Ecosystem services and values





Online Symposium 2020

URBAN EEA Symposium 17 September 2018

URBAN EEA intro & overview (2017)


BiodivERsA Prize for Excellence and Impact

NINA has participated in the project ENABLE, lead by Stockholm Resilience Centre. In 2021, the project won a prize from BiodivERsA. Learn more about the project and the work in Stockholm and Oslo in this video: