GreenPlan - connecting nature with land planning

Despite a century of conservation initiatives, largely focused on area protection, Nature is experiencing an unprecedented decline. Land use practices are the main driver for habitat loss and fragmentation globally. We need to halt the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services by supporting sustainable land planning practices. For sustainable land use it is not sufficient to protect habitat patches in isolation: it is crucial to prioritize critical areas to ensure the functionality of entire ecological networks or Green Infrastructures, GI ,and to account for cumulative impacts of multiple drivers.

GreenPlan ultimately aims at contributing to a Transformative Change towards sustainable land planning by combining cutting edge technological developments with a broad and active societal participation

GreenPlan builds upon a range of advances across disciplines and develops analytical methods for the mapping and quantification of ecological networks, functional connectivity and cumulative impacts of multiple anthropogenic drivers

GreenPlan develops the first nation-wide set of high-resolution maps of GI for birds, mammals, insect and plants, and uses them to initialize the Norwegian Ecological Network database, for use in land planning

GreenPlan involves a broad Science-Policy Arena and an Advisory Group in scoping processes and solution-scanning exercises to co-develop visions and solutions to concretely aid sustainable land planning locally, nationally and internationally

GreenPlan co-develops with the public administration and stakeholders an innovative portfolio of decision-making support tools to concretely aid sustainable land planning for biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. This includes technologies for multispecies Land Prioritization for conservation, mitigation, restoration, and to perform Scenario Analyses to forecast the impact of changes in climate or land use (e.g. build new infrastructures) 



Project period: 2022-2026



Manuela Panzacchi (NINA) 


Norwegian institute for nature research (NINA)


Statens Vegvesen


Université catholique de Louvain 

Ålesund Kommune

Stavanger Kommune

Bodø Kommune

Fylkesmannen i Møre og Romsdal 

Fylkesmannen i Rogaland 

Connecting Nature with Land Planning

Prototype App for Green Infrastructure managment in Norway