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Valuation of urban ecosystem services in Oslo

The Oslo case study aims to translate the concepts of natural capital (NC) and ecosystem services (ES) into operational examples. We conduct integrated assessment and valuation of urban ES, demonstrating how several different approaches can support urban management and decision-making in Oslo. The case study also scrutinizes the potential and limitations of the concepts of ES and NC in an urban and Norwegian context.


Project info

The Oslo OpenNESS case study is a cooperation between the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, a non-profit research foundation, and Vista Analyse AS, a small enterprise. The municipality of Oslo and several of its agencies constitute the project’s advisory board.

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Case participants


NINA Lillehammer

NINA Trondheim

VISTA Analyse A/S

  • Rasmus Reinvang
  • Henrik Lindhjem


Research Collaborations

MSc. students

  • Claudia Fongar (NTNU)
  • Oscar Haavardsholm (UiO)
  • Nora Vågnes Traaholt (U. København)

Ph.D. students

  • Emma Soy Massoni (U. de Girona, Spania)
  • Sergi Nuss Girona (U. de Girona, Spania)

Visiting researchers

  • Grazia Zulian (JRC)
  • Leena Kopperoinen (SYKE)
  • Pekka Itkonen (SYKE)
  • Arto Viinikka (SYKE)

App development

  • Joerg Preiss (UFZ)
  • Robin Elger

Case Publications





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