Signe Nybø

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Graciela Monica Rusch

Wide research interests on plant sciences, specifically on functional ecology, ecosystem function and ecological processes related to land-use, herbivory and the maintenance and management of biological diversity. Extensive international experience including research and consultancy projects in Europe, North America, South and Central America, and East Africa. Experience of project coordination including a number of international projects (Research Council of Norway and EU). A number of these projects are cross-disciplinary with components of ecology/biology and social/economic sciences. The work related to the projects have comprised own research, supervision of MSc and PhD students, consultancy and project coordination activities.

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Erik Gomez-Baggethun

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Trine Hay Setsaas

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Kristin Thorsrud Teien

Kunnskap om tilstand og påvirkninger på norsk natur. Virkemidler og kunnskapssystemer for naturforvaltning. Forskningspolitikk.

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David Barton

Barton has conducted a number of projects related to economic valuation methods and economic analysis of multiple use conflict in wetlands, watershed and coastal resources; including cost-benefit analysis of environmental objectives in several river basins subject to the EU Water Framework Directive (Norway) cost-effectiveness analysis of groundwater protection (Norway); non-market valuation and benefit-cost analysis of clean-up measures for contaminated marine sediments (Norway);economic evaluation of pollution abatement and flood mitigation measures in watershed management (Norway); valuation of water quality (Norway), economic evaluation of upland small-holder soil conservation practices in watershed management (Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador); feasibility studies of flood mitigation (Nicaragua), economic evaluation of conservation areas (Costa Rica); economic valuation of water and sanitation projects in coastal zones (Costa Rica); natural resource damage valuation of oil spills in coastal zones (Sri Lanka); cost-effectiveness and multiple criteria analysis of lake restoration measures (Inner Mongolia, China); economic impact analysis of toxic algal blooms (Uganda); feasibility of payments for watershed environmental services (Karnataka,India) and of weather indexed crop insurance (Andrah Pradesh, India), feasibility of agroforestry systems in semi-arid ecoregions (Mali, Senegal, Nicaragua); the role of economic instruments in policy mixes for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services provision in forests (EU, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia); the Norwegian Research Council financed PESILA-REDD project on the evaluation of payments for ecosystem services in the context of REDD+(Costa Rica, Colombia); economic valuation of urban ecosystem services(EU, Norway).

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