Arealbruk og arealinngrep

Dagmar Hagen

Restaureringsøkologi, effekter av ferdsel og tekniske naturinngrep, forebygging av naturinngrep, naturovervåking, planlegging, forvaltningsmetodikk, planteøkologi.

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Lars Erikstad

English: Research Geoscientist Field of work: Geoscience, land forms (geomorphology), quartenary geology, Geoheritage, landscape analysis, environmental impact assessments, aerial photography analysis, remote sensing, digital elevation models, geographic information systems (GIS).

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Erik Framstad

Main scientific experience covers population and habitat ecology of small mammals in boreal forests and mountain ecosystems. Applied research and consultancy work includes studies and assessments of boreal forest ecology, protected areas, ecological effects of agriculture and forestry on species and ecosystems, environmental impact assessments of infrastructure development projects, as well as assessments, indicators and monitoring of terrestrial biodiversity.

Main administrative experience covers management of NINA's research department in Oslo over > 25 yrs, as well as coordination of terrestrial ecosystem monitoring and major research projects and programmes on boreal forests or cultural landscapes.

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Ingebrigt Uglem

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Odd Inge Vistad

Studies of environmental perception. Recreational impacts, monitoring, carrying capacity, limits of acceptable change. Establishment and management of national parks. Outdoor recreation. Resource based tourism. Environmental Impact Assessment, and Evaluation. Access rights. Integrated resource management. Studies of local communities and local participation in planning processes. Studies of cultural landscapes and heritage.

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Morten Andre Bergan

Ferskvannsøkologi i rennende vann. Laksefisk og bunndyr.

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Bram Van Moorter

  • spatial ecology
  • landscape connectivity & green infrastructures
  • animal space use and movement ecology
  • modeling:
    • socio-ecological systems
    • agent-based modeling
    • adaptive management
  • psychology

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Christer Moe Rolandsen

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Manuela Panzacchi

movement ecology, spatial ecology, GPS data, habitat selection, ungulates, carnivores, human-wildlife conflicts, sustainable development, adaptive management, reindeer.

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John Odden

Bevaringsbiologi, effekter av naturinngrep og menneskelig forstyrrelse, konflikter mellom mennesker og store rovdyr. metoder for overvåking av store rovdyr, atferd hos store rovdyr, samspill mellom rovdyr og byttedyr.

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Olav Strand

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Marianne Evju

planteøkologi, overvåking av biologisk mangfold, naturtyper, demografi og populasjonsdynamikk, plante-beitedyrinteraksjoner

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Björn Nordén

I am a forest ecologist and conservation scientist with a special interest in temperate forest and its biodiversity. There is a strong tendency of taxonomic bias within conservation, meaning that nearly all interest is focused on a few taxa such as large animals and vascular plants, while hyper-diverse taxa such as fungi and insects are often neglected. I therefore engage in both both basic exploration of biodiversity within hyper-diverse taxa, and study the effects of habitat loss, management et c on this biodiversity. Until we know what species are out there and how they live, we cannot conclude on the best way to conserve the biodiversity or monitor changes.
Knowledge on species identification and taxonomy of hyper-diverse taxa are essential, but highly threatened and decreasing skills worldwide. My own taxonomic expertise is within pyrenomycetoid ascomycetes, especially those associated with living trees and dead wood. Fungi are little known organisms, and estimates indicate that only 5-10% of all species of fungi have been given a scientific name! And one does not have to go to the tropics to find undescribed species, but many new discoveries can also be made in for instance Norway.

Today the leading methods for exploring fungal diversity are based on environmental sequencing, but the high share of unnamed sequences poses a problem. Again, this highligths the need for species identification skills. In a new project on endophytic fungi in living trees, we aim to study how many unknown sequences can be identified by dedicated morphological studies of fungi originating from the same trees as the sequences.

I am also interested in restoration of temperate deciduous forest, the worlds most degraged biome. In one of my projects (TransForest), we experimentally evaluate the biodiversity effects of restoration cutting of spruce in recent mixed forests by using multitaxon criteria.

Finally, I use my expert knowledge to perform red list assessments of disfavoured ascomycete species, and black list assessments for species brought to Norway by man.

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Jenni Nordén

Community ecology, ecosystem ecology, spatial ecology, fungal ecology, dispersal ecology, population dynamics, conservation biology, trait ecology, functional ecology, forest ecology, evolutionary biology, decomposer fungi, environmental DNA, climate change, land use change, forest management

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Vegar Bakkestuen

Major practical experience includes: Thorough knowledge of different GIS applications, e.g. ArcView, ArcGIS, ArcInfo, ERDAS IMAGINE, Surfer, Idrisi, MapObjects, Grass, MapFactory, Splus SpatialStatistics. Thorough knowledge of Avenue, script language of ArcView. Development of scripts and extensions for ArcView Knowledge of VisualBasic programming Digital landscape- and terrain analyses Spatial statistics Studies of vegetation structure and vegetation dynamics Regional studies of impacts of acid deposition on terrestrial plant biota, - vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens and fungi. Fieldwork design, sampling protocols and data analyses Numerical and statistical treatment of field data, including multivariate analyses like CA, DCA and direct gradient analyses; e.g. CCA constrained ordination

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Nina Elisabeth Eide

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Inger Maren Rivrud

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Zander Venter

Vegetasjonsøkologi, økosystemtjenester, forurensning, fjernmåling (satellitt- og fly), GIS.

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Norsk institutt for naturforskning

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